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  • Alexandra Roger

California's Deadly Fires

It has been nearly a month after the chaotic aftermath of the tragic wildfires that spread that like a

disease, destroying the homes of approximately 8,400 California inhabitants and annihilating more than 100,000 acres of land. A multitude of residents were forced to evacuate the premises, not excluding multiple celebrities (Miley Cyrus and Gerard Butler to name a few).

400 miles away, The Bay Area was greatly affected by the fires, which left the air with smog so thick, it was impossible to see the famous landmarks and skyscrapers, people in California where advised to use masks to protect themselves from the hazardous air quality, at the time dubbed "the worst air quality in the world". State officials must now take the responsibility to clean up the debris left behind , which could have a very negative impact on the environment if left there for prolonged periods of time.

Many celebrities took to twitter expressing their sadness and sharing their condolences with the victims who lost their homes We, as members of the community can help facilitate the recovery for the victims of the wildfires by doing little things such as giving cash donations to the Red Cross and continuing to spread awareness to issues like these. In the future, we can find ways to prevent future wildfires

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