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  • Alexandra Roger

Beyonce's Vegan Activism

In recent years veganism has become increasingly popular. Thousands of individuals worldwide are converting to veganism for various reasons. Many people believe that it is not only beneficial to one's wellbeing but also to the environment around us and of course it helps decrease harm to animals. Many animal activists believe that eating animals is cruel and can be avoided.

Many celebrities and famous people openly voice their reasons for being vegan and encourage other people to give the vegan diet a try. One of these celebs is none other than Queen Beyonce, who has been associated with the vegan movement and is known for often encouraging her fans to try a plant based diet.

Beyonce has recently shared with her millions of Instagram followers that she is offering a lifetime of free tickets to her show, however there is a catch! the catch is the person has to commit to veganism for a limit of 30 years. This does seem like a peculiar coax but at the same time it does seem like a clever idea to get crazed fans to try a vegan diet. We are sure many Beyonce fans would do much more than just go vegan for whole LIFETIME of free tickets

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