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  • Alexandra Roger

Valentine's Day 2018

With the beginning of February many people are excited for none other than the day of love and appreciation aka as Valentine's Day. Valentine's day is a fun and beautiful holiday ,many couples across the globe take the time to honor their sweethearts and celebrate their love, loyalty and appreciation for each other.

This festival of love dates back to an ancient Roman Festival known as Lupercalia. The festival consisted of various animal sacrifices. The blood of the animals was used on young women as a blessing to honor their fertility. Quite an interesting beginning to this popular holiday. Most Valentines Day traditions consist of boxes of chocolate, exchanging cards, gifts, dates and thoughts of cupid.

Valentine's day is NOT only for couples! It is the perfect day to demonstrate your love towards your best friends, parents, cousins, sisters, and other family members. Appreciation and love can be expressed towards anyone. It is not exclusively romantic.

So have fun this Valentine's Day! Enjoy yourself lay back and let your loved ones know how much you care about them.

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