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  • Juan Lopez

The Egg that Broke the Internet

Ye old “world_record_egg,” I see thou hast shown up in my own life once again. Haven’t thou done enough? The raging waters yond art mine own soul art reawakening, thee shall beest slain. Okay, I’ll go back to writing normally now. This entire egg business is intriguing; I want to see what will be the surprise. Maybe that’s part of the reason why the push for the top was successful; it at least got my attention that way. Fortunately, the egg has posted that “all will be revealed” after the Super Bowl on Sunday through Hulu. “Why Hulu?” you may ask, well apparently they were the ones that the owner of the world_record_egg account chose as a sponsor. At first, to be sponsored by an Instagram account doesn’t sound like much, but I’ve seen people say that a sponsorship with the account is a good move, even with the Super Bowl around the corner. When considering the attention that the egg has gotten, I feel like the sponsorship will gain much attention not just through the post, but by articles posted by news websites and other media *cough* me typing this right now *cough* which will bring more exposure. Probably should have mentioned this sooner, but the world_record_egg has well, a world record, for having the most liked post on Instagram at 52 million likes (Kylie Jenner set the last record at 18 mil). Some other exciting things have come up, like a meme account predicting the holy egg’s arrival and other stuff like impeach Trump supporters trying to get a sponsorship with the egg. For now, all we can do is wait (and, knowing me, probably miss the surprise).

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