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  • Xavier Arenas

2020 Canidates

2020 is going to be the year. This will be a deciding year for Trump’s reelection or one of the following’s move into the Oval Office.

It is a for sure for Donald Trump to try reelecting himself. Luck to him as he is currently the only Republican running. Donald Trump is looking to finish what he started with the wall and the regulations he planned on.

Next runner up is a Democrat Elizabeth Warren. She is very keen on proper medical care. She has been recently recovering back from the huge backlash she got for a DNA test to prove her Native American ancestry which didn’t sit well with the Natives.

Kirsten Gillibrand is a democratic woman who advocates for the Me Too Movement and women’s rights. She has made her entire campaign based off of this. Best of luck to her too.

Cory Booker has centered his campaign mainly of reducing racial inequality and legalizing marijuana. Cory Booker does have knowledge in politics as he is already a Democratic Senator of New Jersey.

Next is Kamala Harris. A Democratic Senator who focuses on the people. She wants to make the Presidency as open to everyone as possible making her seat the final answer to all the people’s questions.

Julian Castro is the next candidate with excitement to be the “Trump Resistance.” He is a Democrat who feels there needs to be new leadership and energy. Much luck to him.

Tulsi Gabbard is a democratic runner up. She plans to help the LGBTQ and focus on making peace and no terrorism.

Marianne Williamson is a democratic spiritual mentor. She surprised many with her candidacy. Not much is known of what her plans are for America, but it is along the lines with keeping the country intact with its inner roots.

Pete Buttigieg is the last confirmed runner up as of today. This is an interesting one as many see it as a chance to have our first gay president. He plans on changing the “dysfunctional” Congress. Best of luck to him.

More candidates are to come I am sure of it. Let's hope for a good 2020 and a president who is fitted for the job.

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