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  • Levitt Lin

Polar Vortex

North America was struck with a brutal cold wave recently. This is the first time in decades that temperatures in the US have fallen so low it is bad enough to be called a Polar Vortex, which is a phenomenon that occurs in the North or South Pole where wind moves in a cyclone-like pattern that produces temperatures as low as 60 degrees below zero. The cold afflicting the US will afflict tens of millions of Americans across the midwest with temperatures colder than Alaska. Minnesota, in particular, will be suffering temperatures as low as minus 45 degrees, which low enough for someone to catch frostbite in minutes of exposure. So far there have dozens of reports of people checking in to hospitals with frostbite and over 20 reported casualties. In response over 1900 flights have already been canceled across the US as well as hundreds of school closures.

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