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  • Juan Lopez


Here’s something interesting, brought to you by one of Google’s easter eggs.

“How much water is inside the human body?”

Most people, hopefully, know that the human body is made up of water. And most people also know that it is MOSTLY made up of water. And, that “mostly” is 60%. That is, for the average adult male. There is no exact percentage for the amount of water that every single human body is made up of because everyone is different. The average adult woman is made up of 55% of water, having more space taken up by fat than men. These percentages change as people age; newborn babies are said to have the highest rate of water making up their body at 78%. But that number varies fast, as it goes down to 65% after reaching one year of age. Not only does age contribute to the amount of water in a body, but so does body type. People with more fatty tissue generally have a lower percentage of water. Oh and, why is water essential? Well, it’s one of the primary things needed for life, as it’s able to keep our bodies functioning. Fin.

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