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  • Connie Tan

Muni Catastrophe

Are you a frequent muni rider in the SF? Have you ever experienced a crowd rushing toward you as you are trying to get off? I’m sure everyone does at some point. This type of event is widespread in the SF (and maybe in other places too). Here’s how it usually goes. As the bus approaches the bus stop, people gather to the front and gets ready for a race—a race to get seats. Right when the doors open, they see that people are trying to get off. But no, they rush into the bus and aims for an unoccupied seat.

Meanwhile, the people who are trying to get off are being slammed with buffalos or a huge wave of racers. Struggling to get off the bus, they have to push their way out just like people getting on are pushing in. And that’s what I dislike about getting off buses. Most of the time, people don’t give you the chance to get off because they are driven by their ambition to grab a seat so that they won’t be tired of the rest of the trip. Also when you are almost out, chances are you are going to trip because people don’t leave space for your feet to land. This is why SF needs to be more respectful of people who are getting off.

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