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  • Xavier Arenas

Debate of the Week - Digital or Physical Tunes?

I love me, and I love my Walkman. What is better? When it comes to music, you can take it in the beautiful road or the crisp sound of every instrument — either way, both have their pros and cons.

In my own opinion, I’d say I love cassettes a whole lot more than any of my Spotify playlists. Spotify has no setting to have that physical feeling of holding the music in your hand. Not only that but you can pass down the cassettes to your grandchildren and so on. The things last long. However, forwarding a message to your grandson with a link to your Sicko Modey doesn’t have the same effect. I remember putting in my first cassette; it was like hearing an old tune come to life. Something on the shelf finally being used how it was supposed to. With every cassette it comes with a crinkle sound in the background and static throughout. You can either take this as a bad thing and say it hurts the ears or you can tell it reminds you of the old days when this was the best you could get. Cassettes do have their limits. Such as breaking and taking a lot to repair, they cost a pretty penny; they are limited to if the artists of that era, and aren’t as portable as you think. Either way, those are choices you make, they don’t stop me.

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