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  • Judith Zhang

Seeking Help

Sometimes it is so hard to pick up the phone and put a good song on without having to change it over and over. So, I went through the Spotify Playlist, and I found myself struggling until I stumbled onto this song and ever since I put it on, it’s been on repeat. The song’s name is called “ All the kids are depressed” by Jeremy Zucker, and even though the title is bold, the song is overall relatable. I’m in love with it. This song is all about “how mental illness has affected people and how so many people talk about it.” Jeremy said. “And he also wished that people that hear this song know that they are not alone.” I think this is the song of the week because although there are people out there struggling with mental health don’t seek help because they are ashamed and don’t want to be judged. But to be honest, it is okay not to be fine all the time because we are human and we are allowed not to be fine sometimes so if you need help; it is okay to seek help.

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