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  • Judith Zhang

Seven What?

We turn our heads away for just one second and the next thing we know, Ariana Grande has a tattoo on her wrist that spell “7 rings” in Japanese... But she was later exposed by her fans who quickly realized that it didn’t spell “7 rings” instead it read “shichirin,” which means Japanese grill. She posted a photo of the tattoo on Instagram with the caption “slightly better,” but rather made it worse because now instead of Japanese grill, the new tattoo meaning is Japanese BBQ fingers. For those who don’t know 7 rings, it is Ariana’s newest song that was released on January 17, 2019. This song was based on Ariana's recently made public purchase of 7 "engagement rings: for her and her friends. Many speculated about which friends these would be. According to Ariana's latest tweet, the lucky ladies are Vicc, Courtney, Alexa, Tayla, Njomza and Kaydence. After her epic song “ Thank U, Next,” it was impossible to avoid listening to her new song. After its release, Ariana mentioned it was supposed to be nine because she hoped to include her mom and nona, but it didn’t happen. Right after she released the full album, “Thank U, Next” with 12 new songs including Thank U Next, and 7 Rings. According to Google users, 98% of the people love her album. How do you feel?

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