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  • Juan Lopez

The Fire of Notre-Dame

In Paris, a disastrous fire started around 6:50 PM local time (9:50 AM PST) which soon engulfed the Notre Dame Cathedral in flames. This French and Catholic monument has much symbolic meaning to not just what it was originally meant to represent, but to the whole world as a historical artifact.

The most noticeable loss was the cathedral’s spire with fire spreading to the roof. However, the cathedral’s main building and two towers were saved.

Bishop Maurice de Sully ordered for the cathedral’s construction in 1960. Construction began in the 1163 and was mostly finished by the 1260s, with other additions built in the time following. It was declared finished and opened to the public in 1345.

Cries of arson were shut down and the reason for the fire is said to be an accident. The cathedral had recently been under renovation and the cause of the fire is said to be related.

President Emmanuel Macron has declared to rebuild the 800+ year old cathedral which serves as France’s heart through the use of a national fundraising campaign. The world’s help can be expected to help the construction, with help like François-Henri Pinault’s 100 million euros donations.

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