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  • Juan Lopez

San Francisco Nov. 5 Elections

Why is voting important?

The San Francisco November 5 elections have just passed and the election results are slowly coming in. There are a total of 9 positions that were voted on: Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco, District 5 Board of Supervisors member, City Attorney of San Francisco, San Francisco District Attorney, San Francisco Public Defender, Sheriff of the City and County of San Francisco, San Francisco Treasurer, San Francisco Board of Education member, and San Francisco Community College Board member. The position for City Attorney, Public Defender, Sheriff, Treasurer, and Community College Board member have only one person running for them. Along with these are 6 propositions being voted on.

The elections results’ next update is planned to be on November 8th, approximately at 4pm PST.

Although these have passed, it is very important for everyone to vote in future elections. There has been an increasing push to bring younger people to the polls, something needed to improve the small young voter turnout. The small voter turnouts in these demographics are accredited to the increasing view of voting not being important, something which is untrue due to elections being dependent on every eligible United States voter.

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