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  • Jesus Arambula

Why Podcasts Are So Popular Now

As the media continues to grow and more and more people get exposed to new technology platforms, new means of communicating information between people are being created. One of these technology platforms is using podcasts, where it’s only necessary for the audience to listen and absorb new information. Much like the radio a long time ago, people would talk about various subjects, opinionated or factual, and create a conversation springing new ideas and discussions. But why have podcasts become popular recently? To most people, a podcast is simply a video-less talk show with only talking, not so different from the radio. So why make such a big deal out of podcasts when you can simply turn on the radio? One of the main reasons is because we have become a more busy society, where we have to make every single minute in our days count. You only have 15 minutes to spare? Do you like movies? Science fiction novels? Cats and dogs’ fluffy tails? There most likely is a podcast for whatever it is you’re looking for. Also, it’s an accessible medium at our fingertips. Nowadays everyone has a phone, whether it be for business or keeping in touch with family members, and we can use it for entertainment purposes as well. While others might see it as an addiction, it can also be used as a useful resource for information. With a near-infinite amount of information you can find online, you can find a topic you enjoy and share it with others through podcasts. “There’s also a personal element to it — podcasts often create communities,” stated Forbes, “It’s a way of finding like-minded individuals who share your interests.” It makes a person not feel alone and lets them share their ideas with other people with the same interests as them. What makes podcasts interesting as well is that adults, as well as young people, are listening to them. This engagement is important since the youth are now exposed to many means of finding podcasts they want to listen to. It also makes them feel like they are within a community they can interact with and not feel isolated and alone like many teens have been throughout the years. Jaclyn Peiser from the New York Times in March 2019 states, “Forty percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 listened to a podcast last month — a 10 percent jump from 2018.” More and more teens and young adults are exposed to new information through podcasts. Even though podcasts are supposed to be a communication platform for those who are busy, it’s still a useful means of communicating information efficiently for anyone looking for a virtual discussion.

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