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Santa Responds

Christmas is a very family friendly holiday, especially for the kids, and every year children expect to receive presents, not from their parents, but from Santa Claus. It is common to let children know that there is a big guy dressed in red clothes sending gifts to every single kid during Christmas. In addition, a large amount of children send mail to the man every year in hopes that the big guy reads their letters. However, a man in texas made the kids’ dreams come a reality.

In 2018, Aleem Chaudhry bought a mailbox inscribed with the words “SANTA MAIL,” and put it as a decoration in his deli Gino’s Stop-N-Buy in Texas. The kids, on the other hand, didn’t treat it like a decoration, but instead saw it as an opportunity to contact Santa who would bring their presents on Christmas. To his surprise, he noticed kids were actually putting mail in the mailbox addressed to Santa Claus himself. “Last year we had 60 letters by December 15th or so, we have more than that already,” Chaudhry said. A big majority of the letters weren’t about asking for presents but rather simple questions about Santa’s unorthodox nature, such as “How can reindeer fly?” or “Do you really come down the chimney?” By the time Christmas came, they had collected around 400 letters sent to old Nicholas, and Chaudhry responded to every single one of them. He had put crayons for kids to write their letters as well as forms for the parents for when they would go christmas shopping. Chaudhry plans on continuing this tradition every year in the hopes of putting smiles on the little kids’ faces.

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