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Hello again. First things first, happy holidays everyone! Hope you all are having a great winter break and are relaxing and getting ready for whatever holiday you celebrate. Today we are going to talk about how different people celebrate the holidays. The main holidays we are going to talk about are from Thanksgiving until Christmas, if we talked about every holiday you would be reading a whole mini book.

Alright let's start off with thanksgiving, the holiday where we Americans eat so much we gain weight and make too much food. The funny thing is that after eating all the food everyone is stuck with some of the leftovers. Some of the many traditions people have during thanksgiving could be from eating early or maybe going out to eat dinner if they don't want to cook. Some families don't even have a turkey for Thanksgiving, they could have ham instead. But either way it's what they do every year so that's cool. The best thing is when people will get a different type of food for Thanksgiving like getting Chinese food instead of having the classic turkey and all the other stuff. Honestly having Chinese food for Thanksgiving sounds great because Chinese food has so many options and there won't be that many left overs depending on how many people are with you and how much food everyone ordered.

Now to the next big holiday, Hanukkah. If you don't know what Hanukkah is well its holiday that celebrated among people who practice judaism. Basically they light a candle for 8 days and each day they get one gift. I don't know what food people typically eat but one family friend of ours get Chinese take out food. So that's one of the biggest holidays of December.

Finally the holiday that the most decorated. Christmas. As we all know Christmas is also one of the few holidays were the sales on stuff can can possibly be larger than black friday. Incase you havent noticed black friday and Christmas is the time when people spend so much money. Just like thanksgiving some people will have another turkey and similar foods which is interesting. Some of the common things that millions of Americans do during the Christmas season is blast some Christmas in their homes and get their trees and decorate it to their heart's content. There's a ton of things people do together for the holidays. So we hope you have a good holiday and new year as well.

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