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  • Jesus Arambula

Fossil Fool

With the ongoing forest fires going on in Australia, thousands of Australians march outside to protest. With 25 people and over 1 billion animals dead, people push for the government to take action regarding wildfires and stop the bush fire crisis that has been devastating the country destroying many acres and homes. The Uni Students for Climate change believe that the fires are due to climate change. However, Prime Minister Scott Morrison isn’t responding to the situation. The protesters were under the slogan “Sack ScoMo” referring to Scott Morrison. Even with heavy rains, students go out and protest to better their country from climate change and their governments lack of attention to their people and environment.

Given that Australia is the biggest exporter of coal and liquefied gas, cases the country to grow with it’s greenhouse pollution, greatly threatening the environment, not just Australia. However, the government finally took action earlier this week by rebuilding communities and neighborhoods that suffered from the fires. A total of 2 billion dollars will be used to establish the new agency to restore these communities. Let’s hope something good comes from these actions.

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