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Coronavirus Theories & The Truth

So let’s begin with the simple question, what is coronavirus?

Coronavirus are many kinds, some can even lead to serious diseases. It’s an extremely common cause of colds and other upper respiratory infections. Yes, an animal can transfer this another animal, but when a humans gets it, it’s the same process. Meaning another human can also catch it.

Now what are the symptoms?

The symptoms can include a cough, possibly with a fever and shortness of breath. There are some early reports of non-respiratory symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Many people recover within a few days. However, some people — especially the very young, elderly, or people who have a weakened immune system — may develop a more serious infection, such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

So how can it be treated?

Scientists are working hard to understand the virus, and Chinese health authorities have posted its full genome in international databases. Currently, there are no approved antivirals for this particular coronavirus, so treatment is supportive. For the sickest patients with this illness, specialized, aggressive care in an intensive care unit (ICU) can be lifesaving.

Now everyone’s probably wondering, should i, myself should be worried or scared if I or another family/friend catches it? Well, let’s jump into the theories.

1. The Coronavirus is a new and deadly disease:

FALSE. Coronaviruses are common and have been part of human history for thousands of years. Scientists first discovered the Coronavirus in the 1960s, and estimate that 10–30% of all upper respiratory tract infections are caused by a coronavirus. In fact, most of the time when you encounter a coronavirus you just say you have a cold.

2. The Coronavirus originated from people eating bats:

PROBABLY FALSE. It’s true that Chinese “wet markets” are known for the wide variety of live animals and similar viruses have been traced back to an animal origin. But in reality, scientists have not yet determined where this strain came from, and if it made the jump from an animal species to humans (and if so, which animal). It could have been bats, or snakes, or something else. Popular Science has a good article explaining why it might have come from an animal and why it’s so hard to know for sure in this case.

3. Bill Gates planned the Coronavirus outbreak and plans to profit on it

FALSE. This theory is preposterous. Hundreds of people have predicted various outbreaks over the years in articles, books, and movies. It doesn’t take an epidemiologist to suggest that a densely-populated country might be the crucible for a new contagious disease. That means it is entirely reasonable that someone educated about how diseases originate and spread might guess that at some future point a mutated strain could lead to an epidemic. But it doesn’t mean that Bill Gates had something to do with it.

4. Lysol had inside information about the outbreak

FALSE. Again, Coronaviruses were first discovered in the 1960s. Just because Lysol lists these viruses as one of many different microbes that their sprays and wipes can eliminate therefore doesn’t mean that the company had anything to do with the outbreak—just that you can use Lysol on hard surfaces to eradicate the virus..

5. Drinking bleach will ‘cure’ the Coronavirus

FALSE. According to the Daily Beast, some of the members of that group claim that consuming chlorine bleach (what they call the ‘Miracle Mineral Solution’ or ‘MMS’) will cure the illness. In reality, drinking bleach will do serious damage to your internal organs, burn your esophagus, and could even kill you. So I hope I didn’t need to tell you again, to not to drink bleach.

Last but not least, I want to warn from here on, it will be purely my opinion. If you don’t mind reading it. Please feel free to go ahead. If you don’t, then you don’t have to. I myself, am a Chinese American. My parents and grandparents immigrated here when I was 2 years old, 2 years old!? Like what the heck, and yes in these 13 years. I have went back to China every summer. No, I have never eaten bats. So don’t bother asking. I would like to first off say this is really not a new thing, so stop acting like it is. It’s been around since 1960. Secondly. Please stop coming at us Chinese people, because you think “oh, we brought this’ “ It’s our , blame for this virus” or even such things like “ we deserve this.” We didn’t do anything to deserve this, because we are people just like you. Racial comments or even jokes are not needed and completely unnecessary. These are actual people’s life at stake. So to the people who still are kind and helping instead of being assholes. Thank you! To all hospital staff members at work, hard because of this virus. To all the people who are still working out with this virus. To everyone in even other countries besides China who are dealing with this virus. To anyone, anyone in this world. I want to say Thank you for your work. And I wish nothing but the best to everyone. Alright , I have to take a break or i will break down myself. Okay, back at it again. I myself, just saw post last night, an asian man died in Chinatown, London, after people refused to give CPR over “ coronavirus”. This broke my heart completely . To know and see the world has come to this. I would like to state that people such as myself, know the Ebola crisis. Even the Black Plague. Which is irrelevant. Please everyone, mask up and pray for those who have caught it. Let’s pray please. For everyone else out there, stay safe. Last but not least, you need to know this is really not a joke because until you catch, will you still be laughing? Be aware of social media and news etc. There is a lot of false news out there. So please don’t quickly jump into conclusion about something you don’t know. Please do your research first. Thank you once again. Everyone out there, be safe.

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