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  • Jesus Arambula

PlayStation 5: What People Want

In case you’re not up to date with video games news, the new PlayStation 5 has been announced to be released in holiday 2020, and now people around the world are wondering how good it will be. Many don’t just want the current PS4 but shinier, but rather new and interesting features that can greatly improve the PlayStation console as a whole. A new website launched Wednesday, February 5th, where people can sign up to receive emails about the new PS5 release date and roster of games as well as their pricings. "We've begun to share some of the incredible features you can expect from PlayStation 5,” the site states,“but we're not quite ready to fully unveil the next generation of PlayStation." Obviously, Sony is trying to keep most of the details quiet just to not give people high or low expectations. But above all this, what do gamers truly want out of the PS5?


It’s essential for consoles to get good graphics and have the game look pretty as well as run smooth, but what players care about more is the content. The PS4 is one of the greatest in the market right now, and it sold like pancakes, but it’s up to PlayStation to reveal why the new PS5 is worth buying. One of these reasons should be the games that are exclusive to the console, such as God of War or Horizon Zero Dawn. After all, a console’s exclusive games are the reason why you are buying that console in the first place. It wouldn’t make sense to play Mario Party on all platforms since it can be played anywhere; there’s no competition. In addition to games, the new controller should also be a step up from the current one as well, with additional triggers added to the controller, it could make the PS5 more immersive.

Backwards Compatibility.

Being able to play PS2 games on the new PS5 console will also be really fun for PlayStation gamers. However, this hasn’t been confirmed yet. All we know is that there WILL be backwards compatible with PS4 games. Since the PS5 games will have the same architecture as that of PS4, playing PS4 games on the PS5 will be a great feature to add, and another reason to get the new console.


Another thing players want is faster load times. The PS4 has a hard disk drive as it’s primary storage space, but replacing it with a solid state drive could greatly decrease the amount of wait time in loading or going online. In addition, installing games from a physical copy as well as booting them up would also be faster with an SSD. (For those who aren’t tech savvy, a hard disk drive is storage with an arm moving information around a disk, making it slow when it comes to storage, whereas a solid state drive is storage that’s flash based, meaning there’s no moving parts and it’s all digital, making it much faster.)

Now the only thing we can do is wait for more information on the new PlayStation console. Perhaps new features will be included that we haven’t even thought about yet, who knows.

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