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  • Ricksel Penullar


If you're looking for an excellent movie to watch Parasite is a Must watch film. Its content and characters are interesting on their own. The Movie Parasite is directed by Bong Joon Ho, a South Korean filmmaker known for putting the elements of social class in his films. The Parasite Film explores the complexity of social class between the Parks and the Kims. The turning point of the film is signaled through the rainstorm, which sets up a backdrop of the Kims Revelation. Moon Gwong The family's housekeeper has been hiding her Husband under the Parks basements for over four years. The Storm sets more of a sign on the film other than the tone of the mood and the brawl between the family that ensues. Bong Joon Ho explains climates in which he tackles the issue in many of his films before like snow piercer and Okja. In Parasite, he explores Climate change in the family between the rich and poor. For the Parks, it's only a minor inconvenience as their fun Camping trip didn't go as planned. In the Kim Family, it's a Catastrophe that almost cost them their homes and nearly all of their belongings. It's also important to note while the Parks can watch the Storm on their comfortable sofa on colossal glass windows. The Kims descends down from the hilltop mansion to return to their flooding basement apartment. The rain pours with them through their entire journey descending down making it inevitable for that event to happen. Bong Joon Ho placed that element as a sad sequence. In such a hierarchical landscape The rich reside on the hilltops, and the poor live below the ground. There's only one-way water sewage can flow and its downwards. A disproportionate amount of waste comes from families like the Parks. It does require an excessive amount of resources for that family to maintain that perfect home, Expansive garden and Sweet Luxury of cars. The Ecological problem of that matter stays hidden as most living like the Kims who walk everywhere and live mostly on leftovers and have few resources end up bearing the brunt of that impact. Bong shows the tension of this catastrophe that can heighten existing class tension. The Day after the Storm Ki-Tek Drives around Mrs. Park on Her errand. She keeps raving about the blessing the rain was as it cleared out the air pollution she jokingly says and left a Blue sky on their gathering she says "We traded Camping for a Garden party" to her wealthy friend disregarding the disproportionate amount of people who were affected by the Storm who is now in an evacuation facility. Ki-Tek listens to this conversation from the driver seat and hides his resentment because just 4 hours ago he was saving their house weighting through sewage to save himself and his family. This strain class relation reached its climax through the Young Parks party as chaos begins to unravel. It was also a celebration of his therapy when he encountered Gwang se's Husband, who traumatized him. Gwang se isn't dead yet in a physical sense, but he suffers a social debt as a result of his poverty. Both South Korea and America both have a considerable wealth gap, which may explain the films' eerie similarity of the cruel world of capitalism. One of The Poster for Parasite depicts a reflection of the Parks and the Kims. The Kims aspire to be the wealthy parks, and the Kims are the laborers that must be exploited in order for the Parks dream wealth possible.

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