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  • Ricksel Penullar

Mental Health - Depression

There are times when things get rough, and we can't seem to bounce back from the event or experience that haunts us like souls. We look reminiscent in the past and reflect on our actions saying, "What could I have done differently? Alternatively, am I good enough?" Mental Health is the state of well being in which a person can cope with the normal stresses of life. I am guilty sometimes that my mental health in coping with things isn't right. There are times I have a defeatist attitude and mute the world around me, and I asked myself in those situations, "Is something wrong with me?" I go into a spiral of episodic depression and an attitude of negative thinking gashing through my headspace. However, I learned throughout my years that you have to understand your mind and body, even if it means being selfish to be happy. You have to do what makes you happy even if people think you're narcissistic. Mental disorders are meant to be taken seriously Mental disorder is characterized by disturbance in thoughts, emotions, or behaviour due to psychological, biological, or developmental dysfunction. Mental illnesses represent a range of conditions, several factors stand out as contributing to poor mental health. People suffering from mental illnesses too often endure sociological stigma and discrimination." The perceived stigma, as well as lack of insurance or inadequate insurance coverage for mental health services and insufficient screening of mental health problems, hinders treatment. Only 30 percent of American adults with mood disorders and anxiety receive even minimally adequate treatment.

Depression is not an easy thing, and it can affect a person's state of mind. It afflicts people with persistent unhealthy thoughts that derive pleasure from activities, even those that once brought joy. During a state of depression, the brain works differently. Researchers Show a depressed person a series of human faces, and she will remember the sad faces more than the happy ones. The same goes if given a series of adjectives, with a better recall for negative words (tragic, sad, devastating). It is as though the glass can only be viewed as half empty. Depressed people may fail to recognize personal progress and accomplishments. "Sure, I got a scholarship award for something significant in my academics, but I think they picked the wrong person ." "That award? It was just a fluke." This evidence explains the detrimental effects of depression as it does more than make people feel sad; it also warps thinking and generates physical symptoms and can lead to physical sabotage. One way we can mend our mental into security is not to place the blame on yourself. Do not be so harsh on yourself or something that has already happened. It is essential to be self-aware, notice what you do, and think and recognize the impact on yourself and the world around you.

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