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  • Steven Erquiza

Free Bikes For Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers

Even though it has been a struggle for a lot of people out there. Losing their loved ones and losing their livelihood. There are still people out there who are willing to help and contribute in any way.

This company, called Specialized, is a United States-based company that designs, manufactures, and markets bicycles, bicycle components, and related products under the brand name "Specialized." They partnered with Transportation Alternatives in New York City to donate free bicycles for Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers who need essential transportation for essential work. You have to fill out a form, they will collect submissions through April 22nd. Donations will be made on a first-come-first-served basis to qualified applicants. If you are selected, they will send out an email and instructions on how you can claim the bicycle. This is the link to the website -

Also please consider donating a bicycle you no longer need to Transportation Alternatives and you can also donate money to this program so that more essential workers who are in need of bicycles to commute to their work can receive one. Refer to this link:

To identify Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers refer to this link:

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