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  • Steven Erquiza

3 Months of Online Guitar Lessons for Free

Hey guys! Ever thought of learning an instrument? Like a guitar? Well, I have, but like most people, I stopped. There are many reasons; because you don't have time, learning from youtube is just confusing, or you just lost interest. Because of the shelter-in-place, we are stuck at home trying to figure out how we can be productive with all this free time. Guess what? If you have that dusty guitar in the corner, pick it up and start learning again.

Fender is giving away three months of free online lessons. They have lessons for instruments like acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, and even ukulele. You can learn to play musical genres like pop, rock, blues, folk, and country. They have high-resolution videos with incredible real teachers, and you can track your progress online. You can follow along to videos or practice at your own pace. Btw, the offer is open to people all over the world. This is a no-commitment trial, so if you've had enough lessons by the end of 3 months, then you can stop.

But if you do not have a guitar at home and you're thinking of purchasing one. Check out these online stores where you can look for one:

These online stores offer easy payment options where you pay for the instrument in 3+ transactions, so it's not heavy for your wallet. They also offer free shipping and curbside pickup if they have warehouses/stores nearby. Their instruments are pricey, but if you look, you can find a guitar below $150, or you can adjust the filter to the budget that you can afford.

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