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  • Xavier Arenas

49ers March Back!!

The 49ers are back. Coming in beating out the Rams, Jags, and Vikings with great plays and coaching. I wanted to talk about each game and what it means for the coming Seahawk matchup and the rest of the season.

So far I have been wowed by the amazing offense we have built. The phenomenal running and receiving game combine to make a solid offense that takes control of game flow. A good example is a final quarter in the Viking game the Niners for real ran for about 10 minutes, sadly nothing came of it but it was the minutes that mattered considering the 7 point lead. Our receivers are going nuts as well with Deebo shining in the front. The second* best receiver in the league. *He is the second receiver but the overall player he is in the conversation as an MVP because of his running game as well. There is no way you can tell me that he is still putting HOF receiving numbers while also playing half the game as a running back. He has about 200 yards less than Cooper Kupp (current NFL leader in receiving yards), and in the Vikings game, he had 6 carries and 1 reception. Aiyuk is finally getting his recognition by putting up awesome numbers too and Kittle relit his passion again. Juice is doing well too, especially in the block game. That’s a small summary but the o-line is also doing great keeping a pocket for Jimmy. Jimmy is the only meh part. He still throws high and gets tunnel vision in crunch times but when he is calm he makes the right throw every time, even if it is high the receivers make up for it. I said if he finds a way to always be calm we will be unstoppable.

Defense defense defense. Our defense has been a problem no doubt. But, we have come stronger. Compared to 2019, the defense is way weaker, but this has enabled the rise of our stars. The stars have now so much to manage is pushed them to greater heights than in 2019. Fred Warner is still going crazy and Bosa came back stronger. He has already surpassed in 2019 stats halfway through the season, so if that doesn't convince you I don’t know what to say. Our long game is pretty bad still, Josh Norman is good but definitely not the answer.CB’s still having trouble protecting deep. But when the defense does what they are told the best they can Demeco Ryans’ genius shows. Let’s keep it up and move forward to make a great wall of defense.

That’s it so far, the team is looking great and coaches are getting comfortable with their new tools. Each player is finding where they shine and its shows in these past games. It’s looking up Faithful!


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