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  • Xavier Arenas

49ers vs. Bears Analysis: Week 7

The past game ended in a 33 to 22 lead for the 49ers. An absolute win for us, even if it was just the Bears. Here are the grades for the team.

Jimmy came out swinging with great confidence. A considerable part of this is due to the perfect run game setup, thanks to Mitchell and the O-Line and the phenomenal game Deebo had. Jimmy was precise, still high on some throws, but for the most part, he made the right choices. He utilized Aiyuk for the first time this season which was a great setup since Aiyuk has always been open with the best hands-on team. He also ran in 2 TD for the first time in his career, a solid A performance.

Receivers and the run game were entirely at the helm of Mitchell and Deebo. They both had triple-digit yards. Deebo with the 73-yard reception and Mitchell with the consistent 10-yard runs. Aiyuk, as I said, came in with four receptions and 45 yards. Small compared to last year's fantastic performance, but starting small and gaining the trust is all Jimmy needs to do. Aiyuk, for some reason, is being seen as a complete alternative to Deebo until Jimmy gets comfortable with choosing or even begins looking in his direction Aiyuk won't be getting the ball. A definite A performance for this offence.

The O-Line was a special deal. We came in with 0 sacks and plenty of blocks that created holes for Mitchell to follow through. Our linebackers had a difficult time stopping the Bears' run game. Sadly, Jimmie Ward was also injured, possibly out for three weeks. Hufanga came out in a breakout performance that wowed me, he almost got an interception, and I'd say he is like Warner's close-range baby brother. Absolute heavy hitter, Fatih in great things will come from him. Our cornerbacks are still suffering and have a huge weak point, and I can guarantee they will be abused against a good team like the Rams. Our defence gets an excellent C.

Special teams were alright, we missed an extra point, so I gave them a B. That being said, consistency is what we need, with fewer temporaries and more consistencies. Our coaches did very well. Kyle Shanahan's best-coached game all season offensively. Demeco Ryans attempted to spread the line and create pressure for play actions, but the run game took us out. Not to mention again that our cornerbacks are very weak, and if he can't find a way to fix that, we could see another Packer 37 second save.

That is all for this week, and the Niners are coming back strong even if it were the weak Bears. This game, if anything, was to showcase the power we have when we have healthy, confident players. Stay faithful, yall!


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