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  • Xavier Arenas

49ers vs. Eagles Analysis: Week 2

Since the 2019 Super Bowl, it seems we have been cursed. Faithful never amazes me with how we will still have the backs of our players and team no matter what. This Eagles game was no exception, and we pulled through. Here’s my analysis and grades for this game.

First, the offence, pretty much the quarterback scheme, was slow and methodical. There were not many deep play actions or much use of Aiyuk, but the shotgun schemes and many, many quarterbacks sneak made the game exciting and compelling. Jimmy finished with about ¾ completion rate and two rushing first downs, and an incredible rushing TD. Deebo came through to be pretty much the entire offence besides Hasty. Deebo ran the offence and kept the chains moving while Hasty contributed with good average rushing yards. Mitchell mainly was shut down, and sadly he and Hasty ended both in injuries. Mitchell should be back in about 2-3 weeks, and Hasty might be out for 6-8. Hasty was taken out early for fumbling, and Kittle also fumbled with being more of the most expensive decoy in the league. The overall offensive squad is a solid ⅗. Great plays, but the players need to pick it up.

Next is the linemen. This is both O-Line and the D. Pretty much. They held the game tight. With all the QB sneaks, they had to maintain the drill through the other teams' linebackers for the many times they attempted it. The D-Line was pretty good. They held the two 1st and goals. They couldn’t maintain pressure on the rushing game or the Hurts being mobile. A solid ⅗ would be higher, but the rushing game was killing us. Demeco Ryans is still a defensive bomb coordinator and proved it here, keep it up.

Next is the rest of the D. They were on clamp mode. The final stands were insane. They held the Eagles to not gain a single yard at goal, TWICE. Absolutely clutch. But they did mess up, I forget who I think Norman let a 91-yard pass go through, but after that, he adjusted and went full lock all game. Fred and Al-Shaair went off as well. Nick Bosa got two sacks with a total of 3 this season. Keep in mind his rookie year in 2019. He had nine, so he is well on his way to surpassing by a large margin: a huge ⅘, a perfect game for the CB’s, DE’s, and defence overall.

The special team was excellent. Perfect punts 47-yard field goal, so they pretty much did their job perfectly without a problem. 5/5. Not much else going on. Keep it up, Gould.

That’s pretty much it. Besides injuries, the Niners are insane right now. But I am worried. The injuries are giving me 2020 flashbacks, incredibly how close some of these games get. We have a slow start, bomb mid-game and a final quarter where we slow it down again, and they almost come back. I'm not too fond of this trend, and with injuries, it could get worse. A win is a win, but a trend of close games is a building with toothpick foundations.

Let’s stay healthy, keep it up, Faithful. The 49ers got a great start. Let’s not fall behind.


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