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49ers vs. Lions Analysis: Week 1

So the 49ers have finally come back. The season begins on a bright morning and with an excellent game finish. The game ended at 41-33, a high score but a little too close for comfort, given that the Lions have an awful DL and WR. I want to get into the grades I would give for each position and, sadly, an inside on what comes next with the sudden injuries.

First, addressing the QB and the OG switch tact. If you don’t know, we have two quality QB’s at the helm right now, Jimmy G, the veteran starter (a little rusty) and Trey Lance, the rookie prodigy. What the 9ers have done since the 3rd game of the pre-season, so by mid-game or whenever it calls for it, they switch QB’s. This is an old tactic as it lets the offence shift in a way that can confuse the DL and create more plays. In this game, they implemented it very well as Jimmy shot for about 68% and 1TD (career-high 79 yard TD to Deebo). Trey Lance only had a few snaps, and most were running plays that didn’t work out. But Trey did hit his first and only TD catch. So currently, Trey’s NFL record is 1/1. I’d give the QB’s a good 3/5, not perfect, but very good. The Lions D is not the Mona Lisa, so it wasn’t much of a challenge compared to other teams to hit 41 points, but it was a challenge for the QB’s minor mistakes, like Jimmy fumbling in his first snap. The running plays were a problem but not necessarily the QB’s fault.

Next will be the offensive line. A lot to talk about here. But I preface by saying injury talk will be at the end, but I will mention the injuries here. Primarily, Raheem Mostert, on his second snap running play. Sadly, news has come that it is an ACL tear, so he will not play for the rest of the season. Other than that, Deebo Samuel’s first game back was phenomenal. He went crazy, hitting 79 yard TD and 189 yards total with nine receptions. As great as his game was, Sherfield came through with a TD pass from Lance. Aiyuk sadly was the third WR this game, so it seems Kyle Shanahan is not happy with his performances from pre-season and practice games. Kittle, surprisingly, now promoted Team Captain, has had a meagre impact in the game. He finished with four receptions and 78 yards and fumbled the ball on an onside kick. Hasty was doing very well in the run game in pre-season games but seemed to slow down within the game, only hitting 18 yards and a TD. Mitchell, a recruit, came in head first with a TD and 104 yards. As someone new, he has a big ceiling, and we are more than happy to build. Grade I’d give it about a 3/5, maybe 4, but that’s just being nice for how great Deebo has been, Aiyuk and Kittle been lacking. Low because the Lions' D is not that great, so it really shouldn’t have been a challenge for all-stars on the team if they were 100%.

Next is the defensive line. Insanely good squad performance with Warner in the lead with a career-high 11 tackles with Tartt and Al-Shaair close behind at 7. Sadly, the other injury is a big hit on our CB Verrett. It has been diagnosed as a torn ACL, so he will also be missing the season. This is a giant hit, considering we have no actual backups that can keep up to the level Verrett is. Our OL was slaying it out, only letting one sack, and that was because of the play-action commit. Bosa came out with a sack, and so did Ford. Overall, D was big, but injuries will make this season hard again. A solid 4/5, but this can lower overtime if injuries plague us more.

A tiny bit about special teams sucked today. Onside kick fumble and then a missed extra point FG. These should be automatic, 2/5.

Overall the season is looking extremely promising, but the injuries may come to bite us later. Stay faithful, and our team will make it to SB, no doubt.


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