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49ers vs. Packers 11/5 Analysis

The last game we had was honestly not really a surprise. Always faithful. I trust in Shanahan and Salem to make something happen with the players at their hands and craft a defense and offense to rock this league. I do have sadness given we are missing more than half the starting and star roster but as long as I get to see my Niners put up a good fight I am all good for the year.

Starting with injuries we missed Jimmy, Kittle, Bosa, and a ton of other starters. Because of COVID, we missed a potential Deebo, Aiyuk, and Williams. This is a huge hit, there is no lying, we have lost our 2019 and 2020 team to the virus and to the awful turf fields in the Metlife Stadium. Given these circumstances, the coaches needed to make some real decisions to have a chance on Thursday.

The players Thursday were notably Mullens, James, and Mckinnon on offense. The defense honestly didn’t look like our defense. Of course, Fred Warner was working is a** off but can’t say that for the rest of the D. Our offense with James was actually kinda saucy with many play actions and shotgun passes to James. Hasty and Mckinnon gave some average numbers but not what we needed. Hasty, the mini Marshawn Lynch getting shoved out of bounds or simply running out of bounds is definitely not what I expected from him. Very disappointed in him. Mckinnon was given chances but didn’t make much out of the 12 carries he had, making only a measly 52 yards. James was actually balling out hitting 184 yards in 9 receptions. Great numbers for a rookie undrafted free agent. His synergy with Mullens’ shotgun passes was perfect and caught the Packers off guard. As I said our defense was pretty awful aside from Warner. Warner always balls out and continues to put up great numbers on tackles and reads. Beautiful plays by him. The rest of the team was so bad it was so sad seeing Warner get so mad at his teammates that were doing nothing. They didn’t make any reads. Rodgers ran in a first down after someone (I have no clue who because it was a bench warmer) didn’t make the simple read of running it in and staying zone instead of chasing a man to a compromised QB. The defense had no interceptions, almost no blocks and it took so long for them to close in on a runner. Like it took Warner so much less time but he wasn’t in a position to stop fast enough as that is not his job. It is the job of the linemen who were so slow (physically and mentally) to realize there was a runner in front of them. Fred kept runners on lockdown but that meant he had to do everything, making pass reads and focusing on runners that aren’t even near you is a hard job. And I’d say he succeeded for as much as a human can. He is the MVP and everyone else did not matter.

Always faithful. Stay faithful and keep your head up, we got a ton of harder games coming and we can’t have any moping to win them.

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