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49ers vs. Saints

Last game was hard. No one said it was going to be easy. But our performance was lacking consistency. Injuries still plague our team and not to mention having players out because of false coronavirus accusations. I’m going to give a breakdown of the game and the players individually.

The game starts with rough passing and touchbacks but by the half of the first quarter, Aiyuk shows up and shows the only touchdown for the Niners. I still love the synergy between Aiyuk and Mullens. After this, it was all downhill. Niners got overconfident and ended up lacking in defense and in the offense. My god was our defense awful. The Saints are known for the great QB but the Niners played like it was a rushing team. We got a few sacks and a ton of penalties which I will get into next. In the end, the Saints ran it, passed it, and played with it for the next 3 quarters. All of a sudden Mullens was back to being the average bench warmer QB throwing every single ball into the floor. I loved and so did many others Jordan Reed’s amazing one-handed catch inches off the floor. But no one speaks on why the ball was thrown there. Because of Mullens. 41 on our defense, terrible players, he is just an awful reader and plays so bad. Every time there is a pass rush, he just focuses on the player and not the actual play. He is so tunnel-visioned and I don’t even know who he is. But I hate him and the way he plays. Warner had to come in clutch every running play and had a whole niner defense ruining it. As I said the main players that are doing fantastic are Aiyuk, Warner, kinda Trent Williams, Bourne, and Armstead, that’s about the only consistent good players on the field.

As for specifically who was doing bad, Mullens, entire O-Line, and Mckinnon. The O-Line has been and is still disgusting, so many give-ups. You can argue Mullens was lacking because he had a sack waiting for him basically every play. But Mullens even still has no survivability or good arm. Mckinnon was a terrible runner basically running it straight into a tackle every time and only gains like 20 yards after 18 possessions.

I want to lightly speak on the many and I mean many penalties called on the Niners. Odd when it was on the Saints field, almost every play had a penalty called on us, and almost every penalty was on our team and barely anything affecting the Saints. Also that Drew Brees sack by Armstead being called as roughing the passer. I want to say even though it sounds very nit-picky a lot of the calls were right, we have inexperienced bench players playing so I don’t expect the consistency. I just wish the penalties weren’t so awful. Especially the legal sack, and the many false starts.

Niners got a lot of work to do if they are to make it to the playoffs. I still believe in the team to come back from their injuries.


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