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  • Xavier Arenas

49ers vs. Seahawks Analysis: Week 4

Alright let's get into it. What happened and what is there to come. There is no doubt in my mind that this game is a message for the future as well as a massive disappointment. Here are the grades and analysis of week 4’s game.

First, the quarterbacks. No way this was the 4th game performance. Jimmy looked really good the first quarter putting a TD on the first drive and staying consistent the whole first. But he was pulled out in the half due to another calf injury. The injury is said to be very minor but Jimmy himself was doubtful which makes me lose hope for him if he has none for himself. Trey Lance came in, finishing the last half bringing in 2 TD’s. He almost beat Jimmy’s 165 yards in the second half so that must say something. The O-Line wasn’t that great but Trey’s elusiveness made up for that, sadly Jimmy is not a mobile QB. I give the QB’s a D. Trey makes up a lot of it but Jimmy severely tanks it, he looked good until he just seemingly gave up.

Next is the O-Line. Straight F. They gave up so much pressure and almost had Trey sacked like every snap. Jimmy as well but Jimmy tunnel visions and throws early. Not much to say else except that Trent Williams also left early with injury.

Our defensive team. A solid B. There many last stands and major stops but my god there were so many stupid passive interference calls. None of them were out of place, our players were just that inexperienced. It's what we get when everyone else is injured. Warner went crazy with Al-Shaair on the running stops but CB’s were too slow and getting mad gapped when Wilson went play action. As many amazing stops there were, especially in the first quarter, there were just as many free passes for Wilson.

Special teams were non-existent. We for real didn’t have a kicker. We had to use our punter and he was so bad on the kicking front. He missed an extra point and FG. If Gould was in the game it may have been drastically different, but that was not the case. A straight F. Our kicker did his best but I blame Gould.

Lastly I want to talk about the coaches. Demeco did great in the first half but he is doing as best he can with the wrong tools. Our CB situation is atrocious and is not entirely Demeco’s fault but he needs to make do with what he has. That means fixing the end game instead of letting the other team adapt. Kyle is very shaky right now. He is having so many players get injured and he is not letting his offense grow. Since Trey’s draft nothing has adapted to his mobile QB playstyle. As Grant Cohn was saying, the standing of our head coach may change because if Kyle can’t adapt and grow, Jimmy and he will be leaving.


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