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5 places in San Francisco that You need to visit

I had the opportunity to stay In the city for a long time and being in the city for a long time can be boring, since I've experienced places to go from everywhere to nowhere. My Love for the city has not wavered. I love the city even though it has a lot of problems that still need addressing. Though that doesn't mean you can't have fun in San Francisco. There is so much to do here in this Golden gate city. I'll be listing one of the amazing sightseeing things to visit in San Francisco!

1. First if you want to get that San Francisco vibe you need to make your way to the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s a beautiful bridge that stretches to the other side! And I've been there once before during my end days of highschool! And it was so amazing, It's super long and just walking down the bridge feels like walking on a bridge. It's nice to see the ocean and the car pass by tho! And cyclists around the bridge often race together. A Lot of people are usually around the bridge.

2. Another Must Visit place that you totally need to explore is the Exploratorium, Its so cool! I've been there around like 5 times and everytime I go there it's like a totally different experience because there's always new things to explore and learn about things that work in our universe! The exploratorium does a great job on making learning a fun way! To exercise the brain! I love color rooms where you can make yourself red, purple and green! It was an interesting experiment that I recommend everyone should go to!

3. AT&T park is actually a really cool place! If you ever want to join events like the spartan race it is so amazing that you can test your strengths, make friends and bond together with your team! It was an amazing experience for me and I think It is really fun and I believe people should be able to enjoy that! Even if you're San Franciscan or just a foreigner, everyone should be able to experience a Spartan race! It's so cool!

4. San Francisco is known for its diverse community! If you want to visit other places you can make your way to Chinatown! There's so many things to do in the busy streets of Chinatown! Get some street food or food in general and explore the town's delicacies and culture because it's unique and you'll have a lot of fun exploring china town since it's huge! There are so many places you can make yourself too!

5. Now if you want to be closer to the ocean! Pier 39 is a great place to really soak in! There are so many things to do and explore and I have been there a couple of times like at fisherman's wharf and just walking around the pier! It's so calming and relaxing! There's a San Francisco Museum that dedicates itself with historic machines from olden times and it was so cool! During the night it's so lively with homage to street performers like jazz and violin which is the soul music to anyone's heart! If you ever make your way to fisherman's wharf you won’t Regret it!


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