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5 Relaxing Places In San Francisco

Being in Highschool and in college was hard, I was stressed out 24/7 from classes that I took. It is also because Classes From my school was around 7 classes In highschool which was a ton of work and some classes were very unnecessary and just took spaces that I could have put more emphasis on classes that I actually needed to do. Spanish class was just kinda there and I didnt really learn anything in that class be\cause it was very lenient. However When I feel stressed out I want to take a stroll on my favorite Spots to Just take a walk in or just Visit places in San Francisco.

1. Mclaren Park

As a person who walks around somewhere into my old school I think being able to showcase why McClaren is so beautiful is just so peaceful and relaxing that I could just immerse myself with the breeze and the cool scenery. It's just really relaxing and makes me want to jog all over the roads in the parks. There's also a really cool stage play somewhere in Mclaren park which is mostly occupied with diverse people. Running uphill can be very tiring but it's also worthwhile. There's also a lake once you reach at top and it's so beautiful and relaxing and a water tower nearby to enjoy the city view.

2. Bakers Beach

I love the ocean but when it's cold I don't want to be near it. Though in the mornings when its peaceful and quiet and at 4 am in the morning it's a good way to run and just enjoy the ocean breeze. Though it's not ideal to wear shoes and socks on the beach because It'll get stuck in your shoes. Do not do it! Wear flip flops, It is a lot easier for you to maneuver and feel comfortable. Also bring water because you can get dehydrated really fast and that is not good. Though there are more things you can do like hanging out with friend’s and playing volleyball with them but with the recent pandemic that’s kinda hard to do. So just stick by yourself.

3. Japanese Tea Garden

If you really want to enjoy chilled out spaces and walk around the scenery Japanese tea gardens are one of the best places to go because of the illustrious, vivid colorful garden around the walk path and they are very vibrant. San Francisco Is so diverse that you really don't need to go to Japan and visit. You could just pop into the Japanese tea garden and enjoy some coffee and tea which is calming and relaxing. I love that we can just absorb such greenery in the city because in San Francisco we mostly have a lot just tall buildings covering everything behind everything.

4. Twin Peaks

My 4th Place to visit around San Francisco Is Twin Peaks running there is so relaxing and it makes my day on just being able to run in the street and just enjoying the view right by the mountain and its a pretty cool sight to see at the sunset which really absorbs the light and everything about the scenery just offers a lot of visibility and escape around the city and I think it's pretty cool that things like that happened. For my music, going up is really relaxing, especially 4 am since there's not a lot of people and I should get back to working out.

5. Downtown

I think the final place where I want to visit is Downtown, I chose it because I'm a city person and I like to take a night walk around the city. It's charming and alluring at the same time. Watching the city lights turn on and the night sky is just something I personally Enjoy as a student and someone who has been in stressful situations. The city lights are just really enjoyable.


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