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A robot: The new dog of Xiaomi

When Xiaomi promises a three-hour presentation, you can imagine anything, but what has wholly caught us by surprise was the CyberDog. From the hand of its CEO, the manufacturer has shown us an autonomous robot with four legs in the purest style of Spot from Boston Dynamics, although without the accessory arm and limiting itself to the four legs that a natural dog would have.

The unexpected product has already been announced with a sale price for China, so it is not a prototype as it might have seemed. CyberDog has come on stage after seeing the Xiaomi MIX 4, the Mi Pad 5 and 5 Pro, the Xiaomi Sound and new OLED televisions. As a culmination, it has said goodbye with what some of us feared: a pirouette.

A robot that follows us up to 11.5 kilometres/hour: CyberDog can "hear" us with its six integrated microphones. The presentation showed how Lei Jun issued orders, and the robot attended, performing movements such as sitting, standing up, following him or lying on her back.

On the front, CyberDog has an Intel RealSense D450 depth camera, to which Xiaomi has added more sensors and cameras, including wide-angle fisheye lenses, ultrasonic sensors and GPS. With this, it promises navigation and movements with a margin of error of 1 centimetre, avoiding objects and addressing the call of its owner.

The robot has servos developed by Xiaomi that have a maximum rotation of 220 turns per second and a maximum torque of 32 Nm. As they have shown, it has a total weight of 3 kilograms (which is much less than it seems, having an apparent size of a medium dog) and is capable of moving at a speed of 3.2 m / s, about 11, 52 km / h. Cyberdog 010 Cyberdog 08 Cyberdog 05 Internally, we know that the brain of CyberDog is NVIDIA's Jenson Xavier NX. This very compact computer doesn't give up the power of up to 21 TOPS of accelerated computing. It thus has deep learning engines and promises to process the data at an adequate speed and without delays for those jumps, turns, races, somersaults or "hand" collisions. It has a 128 GB internal SSD, ample storage. CyberDog has facial recognition, with which the manufacturer promises that it can recognize and follow its owner through the house without tripping.

It can be controlled with its own remote and a mobile app, integrating a voice assistant. Cyberdog 06 We do not have data on the autonomy or the mAh of the battery, but we know that CyberDog is the latest in USB with three type C ports. It also has an HDMI, to which you can connect a compatible device such as a camera.

It remains to be seen what utilities CyberDog has in practice, perhaps serving as a surveillance camera or assistance robot. The truth is that it has all the appearance of the robots of the episode 'Metalhead' of 'BlackMirror,' which were anything but affectionate and helpful, so we will be aware of what its first users begin to show. Cyberdog 01 Cyberdog 03. Because yes, CyberDog has a sale price and is 9,999 yuan, about 1,000 dollars to change.


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