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According to Bloomberg, the Apple Car, the electric car of those from Cupertino, has a launch date.

Everything that surrounds the electric car that Apple is, apparently, working on is confusing. Several reasonably American solid media outlets, such as NBC and Bloomberg television networks, have assumed for several months that the Cupertino company is working on the development of an electric car, an initiative of which, on the other hand, we are leading hearing about intermittently since 2018.

However, in mid-September, the shadow of doubt hung over the Titan project, Apple's code name to identify their future electric car. Dough Field, a former Tesla executive who led this development, left the apple firm and signed for Ford until then.

Interestingly, Field is not the first manager linked to the Titan project to leave the ranks of Apple. Before he left the company Steve Zadesky, a renowned mechanical engineer from the Ford quarry, these ups and downs seemed to reflect that something was wrong with this project. At the very least, they hinted at a certain instability. Perhaps this is the reason why, according to Bloomberg, Apple has accelerated the development of its electric car to consolidate its bet.

Apple Car will arrive in 2025, according to Bloomberg.

Field's successor at the helm of the Titan project is Kevin Lynch, a veteran in-house engineer who has been involved, among other divisions, in the development of the Apple Watch. We know that this technician has led this Apple division for just over two months. Still, the information he is gaining body in the last hours defends that this company has stepped on the accelerator to put its electric car on the street during 2025.

However, this is not all. The same sources that support this forecast assure that Apple is determined to fully autonomous driving its vehicle. In fact, Apple seems interested in removing both the steering wheel and the pedals from their electric vehicle. Although we accept that they manage to develop this technology entirely during the next four years, what is not clear is that the legislation will advance at the same rate to allow the circulation of a car with these characteristics.

It will be interesting to follow the steps that Apple will take in this Field over the next few years when the time comes to see if, as the US financial multinational Morgan Stanley claims, this electric vehicle will be the subsequent disruption of this company. We all know that those in the block have successfully broken into other markets on several occasions, so who knows, maybe they will do it again, but this time in the automotive sector.


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