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Are the 49ers Done?

Given the past few weeks, the Niners have been in a rough spot. With an awful loss against the Dolphins, the Niners have been written off by many people. I want to explain where they are and where they can go with this. Now recently we have had a ton of injuries following the Jets game, which led to the Metlife Stadium being shut down for the many injuries coming out of there. We had our star QB taken out, our defensive line empty, and our O-Line non-existent. This was the excuse for many including myself with the following losses with one win without many of our star players. However, it is not as bad as you think, a lot of it has to do with a loss in confidence and care. Think about this, you are a star QB for SF, last season was a good season but you were not at your peak after a torn ACL. Now you make it to the Superbowl, but you lose in a sloppy final game. However, you don’t get punished instead of rewarded with one of the highest contracts at 26 million dollars to keep playing for the Niners. This led to the downfall of Jimmy G. A little too overhyped and never told what his mistakes were by his teammates. The same goes for every other teammate, paid more for a loss, and a huge loss in confidence and drive when you get paid either way.

The solution being the team needs a leader to keep everyone accountable for their mistakes. George Kittle is that man, and recently it shows with our recent win against the Rams. I saw our 2019 team again last Sunday. The only thing different being that our running game was a lot better and Jimmy was sloppy but shotgun throwing.

Long story short, the 49ers are far from done. But too much speculation can drive a force unfathomably strong. So it’s best to see what we have now and focus on the task at hand and that is keeping the morale and confidence of the Niners strong. We have to back our team up but hold them accountable for their mistakes. We have the hardest game schedule and we need every player’s A-game.


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