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Baby Montero

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Congratulations! It's a baby album! After labouring for months, Lil Nas X gave birth to his debut album "Montero."

The singer-rapper promoted his new album with a funny video of Lil Nas X going into labour, being pushed into the hospital, and was told to "push." After which, the 22-year-old artist delivered a vinyl-sized album cover of "Montero." Finally, Lil Nas X cradles the new "baby" album and caresses it like a newborn baby. (Guys, this is hilarious because Lil Nas X can't give birth)

After so many singles and topping with his new songs, many people have been wondering about his next album. It's apparent that Lil Nas X has been very popular in the music industry, especially with his second newest song, "Industry Baby." Before the video, X had announced his album's release date with a photoshoot of him with a flower crown and a bump on his belly. This photoshoot is supposed to mimic that of Beyonce's baby announcement back in 2017. It wasn't clear, though, if this photoshoot was to parody that of Beyonce's, but regardless, the artist showed some seriousness into the photos taken.

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He then later celebrated his new "baby" album with a baby shower for "Montero." This baby shower was praised by many celebrities, including Doja cat, to which X thanked them for their gifts afterwards. In addition to the album drop announcement, Lil Nas X also released a new video for his new song "That's What I Want," featuring himself engaging in a romance with a football player and teammate inside a locker room.

But what do you guys think about the new album? What do you think about the video? Some may say that Lil Nas X is a little too revealing? What do you think about his aesthetics? Anyways, congratulations to Lil Nas X for his new born "baby"!


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