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Back To School

As many people know, school is back. Just about every one school is opening this week with varying methods of schooling. I want to give some guidance and insight into what is actually happening right now for education.

First of all the methods in which schools are reopening are mostly different depending on the school. My school for instance is reopening by having every single class be online. Nothing will be at school. They even canceled every class that was at school, so my shops classes for wood and metal are now canceled for my senior year which is a huge bummer. We were originally planning on doing a huge project to have half of the school at home and the other half at school. The choices of which side you would be on would be completely random. That was going to be a nightmare for many because of the possibility of not being with any of your friends. Now for other schools, they are choosing in-person schooling for everyone. Just normal school with masks and extra caution on sanitization. I know many of other schools are doing the same thing as my school by doing online classes.

Now I will address what every kid is feeling. An epic sadness and major laziness. No matter who you are I have talked to many and felt it myself. The possibility to just stay home and do nothing. To do the completely bare minimum in school because what is the school going to do. Not to mention the mix of loneliness for not being able to go outside for the longest time. All I can say is that this is all temporary and for you like anyone else to keep their head up for the future. It could be worse, way worse but it isn’t. I would like to say that everyone should maintain a productive attitude to everything but that isn’t something I can do myself. It’s best to see things less as a responsibility and instead of an activity or thing that you are doing for yourself by yourself.

What lies in the future? Like what will happen after COVID? And when will COVID be gone? I remember when COVID started and everyone was scared and also hopeful for the end saying “when COVID is over” but it has turned into more sadness to if COVID will ever end. It’s tough to say as I hate it myself. But COVID likely won’t be gone for a while. The repercussions for staying at home will affect you and everyone for a while too. Businesses closed and many losing their jobs and homes. The possibility for everything to return back to what it was before is gone. Instead of looking back and wishing for something to happen we as a world and a community should work for something now. Being actively involved in safety for yourself for others. Wear your mask and wash your hands.

School is possibly going to be a better thing for many as it offers a place for society to rebuild by getting into talking to others again. Good luck to everyone going back to school.


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