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Before Playing Genshin Impact Be Aware

Genshin Impact has crowned the most successful international launch of a Chinese game ever. Its instant popularity grossed miHoYo more than $250 million in the first month. On the iOS App Store. However, how did a free-to-play game make a small fortune two days after its release? One word: it's a GACHA game, unlike competing online RPGs like any MMORPG games. Players do not create their characters in Genshin's Impact. Instead, there are two dozen pre-made protagonists you can unlock using an in-game currency. Items used to power-up those c

haracters also need to be rolled out of Genshin Impact's virtual slot machines. In other words, miHoYo uses every spammy mobile game's wallet-draining schemes but packages them in a premium experience that gamers have found irresistible. 

Genshin Impact is an AAA game that almost feels like stealing because of its enormous open-world design and buttery smooth hack-and-slash combat. This feeling has led players, including Washington Post reporter Gene Park, to spend more than $100 before they even realize what they have done. I can admit that I've spent a ludicrous amount of money before playing this game in hopes I can get the character I wanted. Which I never did, and I regret spending so much money. 

Genshin Impact is the cutting edge of a new spin on the subgenre: gacha games that don't bombard players with ads and pop-ups to spend more money. Instead, it simply bakes the Japanese vending machine system into a well-made RPG. This evolution of gacha has drawn hundreds of thousands of players to forums like Reddit to brag about the powerful characters they rolled and commiserate over their gacha misfortunes through many rolls of misfortune and burnt money spent.

It's an excellent game, a free-to-play, anime Breath of the Wild, with crowd-pleasing world-building and charismatic characters. Less than two weeks after its late September release, it grossed over $100 million. It took the title of the most popular Chinese release ever in the West. According to app analytics company App Annie, it was the number one mobile game by consumer spend globally in October. Genshin Impact costs nothing to play. Even without spending cash on wishes, players can enjoy the bucolic scenery and fantasy plot lines. However, it is hard not to get FOMO when the correlation between money and fun is so apparent, mostly when popular Twitch streamers and YouTubers have done such sport out of it. Furthermore, while players can earn free wishes by reaching specific benchmarks, to get and max out all 23 characters or experience the full game, they have to open their wallets. 

There's no exact conversion but wishes other than those you earn by playing generally cost players a few dollars each. You're guaranteed a five-star item or character every 90 wishes, but otherwise, they appear a vanishingly slim 0.6 percent of the time. One person Spent 2,400 dollars, maxing out venti for his constellation. Furthermore, another person spent over 7000 dollars just to get their ideal character with no constellation Diluc. In my experience, I spent countless dollars trying to get a character I wanted but had no luck, unfortunately. Mona will come home someday. I swear I just don't know when. There are some drawbacks to this, and you

must prioritize what your budget is going to be if you're planning to play this game. This game will eat up your wallet like it's nothing, and there's not much content present in the game either.


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