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Benefits of Arguing in a relationship

Arguing is one of the top reasons a lot of relationships come to an end. There is a healthy and unhealthy way to argue, and usually it's the unhealthy ones that ends good bonds. Arguing is good to an extent, they can be prevented but diagrements cannot. Arguing is usually the response to a disagreement. Ignoring disagreements doesn't work, and turning them into fights doesn’t either. Those who handle them with honesty, frankness, respect, and love are far more successful than those who don’t.

Something we as human beings forget is that if we dont tell someone something, then they won't know. We cannot just expect people to read our mind. When people don’t voice their concerns, the concerns leak out in other ways — they become more abrupt, dismissive, and rude. The solution is to talk it out in an honest, frank, and respectful way. Dialogue is the solution. Silence causes the problem to continue. Arguing is healthy because you get to communicate your frustrations and needs to your partner. Arguing does not have to be malicious or cruel — you can have loving and compassionate conflict.

It’s through resolving conflicts of interest that we learn about our partner’s motives. Over time, having actually resolved conflicts of interest in this way gives you both a greater base of knowledge about each other, making future conflicts less frequent and less damaging to the relationship. Sometimes we even argue but tend to not actually argue about the issue at hand. And the longer it goes on the more we realize what the real underlying issue is. Another good thing about arguing is that you get to grow from it, whether that’s by learning your triggers or your partners, uncovering an underlying hurt, or learning how you can be hurtful. Arguing can save your relationship rather than destroy it. Growth comes when you take the information from the argument and constructively apply it to repairing the relationship. Good arguments don't include name calling, put downs, manipulation, or abuse.


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