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Best Mobile Games

Not everyone agrees that mobile phone games and apps count as real games and those who indulge themselves in such games are cast off as fake “gamers.” To be honest, I don’t care what you play if you play a digital game you count as a “gamer,” simple as that. Now that that is out of the way I present to you the top mobile games as of right now.

Minecraft - $6.99

This should come as no shocker as this game has been in the #1 spot on the Top Charts for paid games for more than five years. The game is excellent all-round such a simple game that broadens to how much imagination you have. The building, mining. Farming, and so much more.

Heads Up - $0.99

This game is fun… when you have friends to play it with. Otherwise, it is just another game on your phone. The game is fun, but it is not long-lasting. It is like playing Cards Against Humanity, and after 20-30 minutes the jokes get stale from all the initial laughter.

Draw it - FREE

This game is essentially a better version of Draw Something as it can hold more players and updates their game to improve better the way you can guess and play. There are also word packs that can make the game just that much more fun but they are in-app purchases which is a drag.

Polysphere - FREE

This is just like the game before as it takes puzzles to another level into a 3D perspective. However, this one is centered around this function as it needs you to be precise on the position of the camera to complete the puzzle. Despite the very cool concept, however, I would weigh it down because of the overwhelming in-app purchases.

Roblox - FREE

I hold this game pretty high for the game developers keeping the game so simple but so complicated because of the community. It is a funny game though, and I think the people who find it amusing to play the game sarcastically but you can never deny the effort put into some of the features in the mobile and computer game.

Fruit Ninja - FREE

This game is insanely old but is still good to some people. It is still in the top 50 on the Top Charts. Simple as it centers around the swipe features on the iPhone. A very revolutionary game as it opened the world to the possibilities of swipe features on mobile games.

Brawl Stars - FREE

This game is stupidly fun. I initially didn’t like the Clash games like Clash Royale and Clash of Clans as they were so stiff in that you tap the screen as the game takes over your control and you watch. Nothing is worse than making the player watch someone else play your game. However, they took that and dropped this bombshell of a game, and it is so good. Battle Royale mode, gem grab (10 point rush), siege, heist, and a lot more that come on daily rotations. The game does have in-app purchases, but that gets drowned out by all the simple ways you can make the same amount of currency in play as you can by just paying the game money. I recommend it.

In conclusion, mobile games may not be as complicated as PC or console games, but they are games. Try it out before throwing it aside and making sarcastic jokes; you might find a game to pass the time.


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