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  • Jesus Arambula

Biden Not Welcomed at 9/11 Ceremonies

By Jesus Arambula

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On September 11, 2001, the events that happened on that day marked the incident as one of the United States' worst days in history. Nearly 3,000 people lost their lives, along with 6,000 more injured. More than 2,000 families were affected by this tragic event. They had since been pushing the US government to release documents that will demask the people behind the attack, specifically the country behind it. Now, these families call out Biden not to participate in any of 9/11's 20th-anniversary ceremonies unless he releases government documents that many people believe Saudi Arabia was behind the attack.

There have been many investigations regarding the 9/11 attack, even years after the event. The 1,800 first responders, survivors, and family members of those killed in the attack wrote a statement regarding the investigation. "Since the conclusion of the 9/11 Commission in 2004, much investigative evidence was uncovered implicating Saudi government officials in supporting the attacks," the statement says. "Through multiple administrations, the Department of Justice and the FBI have actively sought to keep this information secret and prevent the American people from learning the full truth about the 9/11 attacks." These documents the 9/11 community wants to be released are part of the investigation in 2016 by the FBI, which linked Saudi Arabia to the incident. Saudi Arabia, however, has denied all allegations and claims not to have been involved with the 9/11 attack.

During his campaign, Biden agreed to be more open and release more information. Still, ever since his inauguration, the 9/11 community believes he has not answered any of the questions given by them. The three previous administrations before Biden, Bush, Obama, and Trump all have not released information either, "Twenty years later, there is simply no reason — unmerited claims of 'national security or otherwise — to keep this information secret," the 9/11 community stated. "But if President Biden reneges on his commitment and sides with the Saudi government, we would be compelled to publicly stand in objection to any participation by his administration in any memorial ceremony of 9/11." The White House still has not responded to the requests or commented on the topic.

It seems like a long time to wait for justice over the 9/11 incident, especially for the affected families and anyone who witnessed the event in the first person. To many, finally bringing justice to these people would be the correct thing to do and appropriate for the 20th anniversary of the event.


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