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  • Ricksel Penullar

Biden's Plan

On Friday, Joe Biden has signed an order to free $7 billion in Afghan assets now Frozen in the United States, splitting the money between the Humanitarian aid for poverty stricken Afghanistan and a fund for September 11 victims seeking relief for the terror attacks that killed thousands and shocked the world ultimately. No money would immediately be released, but the president has ordered calls for banks to provide 3.5 Billion of the frozen amount to a trust fund for distribution through Humanitarian groups for Afghan relief and basic needs. The Other 3.5 Billion would stay in the U.S. to finance payments from lawsuits by U.S. victims of terrorism that are still working their way through the courts. International Funding to Afghanistan was suspended, and billions of dollars of the country's assets abroad, mainly in the United, after the Taliban took control of the country in August as the U.S. military withdrew its military forces. Biden plans to resolve this complex situation in which the U.S. is sitting on billions of owned by a country that has no government. Afghanistan still has had problems with its economy since the Taliban takeover. Nearly 80% of the previous government budget came from the international community. The money has been cut off from financed hospitals, schools, factories, and government ministries, desperation for such necessities has increased due to the underlying Pandemic of COVID-19 and malnutrition. Doctors, Teachers, and even civil servants have not been paid in months since bank holders have been restricted how much money they can withdraw. The Biden administration effectively confiscates financial reserves where money usually belongs to ordinary Afghanistan to split it between 9.11 victims and humanitarian aid contractors. This is terrible news as afghan people who were not even related to the 9.11 attacks are punished by their money split when a current financial crisis exists in the country. What do you think? Is the split justifiable? Or do you think this is unfair?


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