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Blood Moons

Recently the Bay has had blood moons. This morning in fact. The picture above is of the recent blood/red moon. I wanted to write about why this happens and why it matters.

First of all the reason has to do with a lot of Physics. Basically it is a total eclipse of the moon on the sun. Essentially, the Earth blocks the Sun on the moon. However, the sun still reaches the moon somehow. This is because the light from the Sun curves around the Earth and because of the Earth’s atmosphere the light is refracted to only reddish light waves. Therefore, the moon has reddish light shown onto it making it appear like a blood moon.

A lot of the name comes from religion standpoints and ancient civilizations perspective on the event. I personally see it as a beautiful thing that the universe bestows on us but to others, it means a lot more. Some find it as a sign of bad luck and death to come, oddly fitting for the current events unfolding on the Earth. COVID, the California fires, and the American presidential election coming up. Some find it as a display of power from the gods.

There is nothing much else about the blood moons but I feel as though it could be a ray of light that is beautiful enough to note given the current circumstances.


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