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Bowl of chili

Bowl of Chili

Did you know that a Bowl of Chili works like an antidepressant? Though various regions of the Southwest and Central America lay claim to being the birthplace of Chili -- San Antonio, New Mexico, northern Mexico -- the food is as diverse as the population of North America, according to Robb Walsh, author of "The Chili Cookbook." He noted that the Aztecs and other Mesoamerican cultures made chile pepper-spiced stews with turkey, lobster, and frogs, while chile peppers have been grown in New Mexico since the 1600s.

The bowl of Chili works as an antidepressant because of some of its ingredients. Adding beans and other vegetables to Chili was a response to the meat rationing of the World Wars," Walsh said. Frugal home cooks used the produce from their victory gardens to get creative with their chili recipes, and the new traditions stuck.No matter your eating habits; there's Chili out there for you.

A special Chili would be Texas-style Chili con carne. This Chili contains Chilean peppers and meat. You will not find any beans in a Texas-style chili. Adding on another special chili is White Chicken Chili. Instead of red meat and tomatoes, chicken and broth are used for this special Chili. Apart from these special Chili, Cincinnati Chili, sweet potato black bean Chili, Vegetarian bean Chili, and smoked sausage chili.

These are just some of the unique chilis I was able to find. I'm sure many are just as impressive as these. So go out there and find your favorite as it can help with your health.


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