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Hey guys, if you are interested in changing your healthy lifestyle, check this out!!! Have you heard of boxing? Of course, you have. It is a great workout. It boosts your confidence, speeds up your metabolism, and also teaches you to defend yourself from predators just lurking around the corner.

There are different choices you can go at this. You can go to a boxing gym and get a membership, which is a little expensive. It costs around $100 - $300 depends on the gym, and you will probably need your own equipment, but because of this lockdown, I’m not sure if there are open boxing gyms.

Another choice is learning on your own, which you can do at home, preferably working out with someone, and only needs equipment (depends on how much space you have). Here’s a list of equipment you use for boxing, and they are all available on amazon:

Boxing gloves: $20 - $60

Hand wraps: $5 - $20

Jump rope: $5 - $20

Mitts: $15 - $30

Reflex ball with headband - $15 - $$30

Punching bag: $50 - $300 (optional)

Speed bag: $30 - $200 (optional)

There are a bunch of tutorials on youtube that you can check out. Teaching you about forms, techniques, how to wrap your hands, footwork and many more. Email us on your experience with boxing and how it impacted your life. I’ll attach some boxing videos on the bottom and just check it out.


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