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  • Yessica Avila


As summer is coming around, it's essential to know how to budget our money yet still have fun. Budgeting is essential because it helps create financial stability. By tracking expenses and following a plan, a budget makes it easier to pay bills on time, build an emergency fund, and save for high costs such as a car or home. Overall, a budget puts a person on a firmer financial footing for the day-to-day and the long term. Here are some things you can do to budget:

  1. Cancel

It's important to cancel any subscriptions that you are no longer using. When you have auto-pay set up, sometimes it is hard to forget that you are paying for these services that you are not even using. Go through your bank statements and cancel any subscriptions you do not use.

2. Expenses

Have a book down and write down all your expenses and see if there is anything you can cut down while you save some money. For example, buying one cup of coffee each morning adds up to a month. You could keep this money and use it in the summer for a fun activity with friends.

3. Savings account

If you don't have a savings account already, you should open one. This can help you save money as time goes by. You set yourself goals of how much money you want to save each week or month, whatever you prefer.

These are a couple of things you can do to budget. Budgeting may sound hard, especially in the summer when you want to have fun and go out but remember it is essential to have money saved because you never know when you could need that extra money. Aside from budgeting to save money, sometimes budgeting can also help you with something you want. For example, you are saving money for a new car. There are many ways budgeting can help you. So give it a try for yourself and see how it helps.


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