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Cancel Culture

Everyone makes mistakes, and every one of us on this earth strives to be the perfect version of the idea of Perfection. Along the way we Make mistakes on our journey. Everyone of us is not immune to making mistakes, All of us including people who are rich and poor make mistakes. It's a universal process, As Years and Years progress, Mistakes have been deemed more and more villainous to the public, and yes it varies from person to person by what “Mistakes” or Wrong deeds can mean. One Wrong insensitive tweet can ruin a person's whole career especially if that person has grown out of their ways and has proven change throughout their years. One wrong insensitive event/ outcome of that person's action can lead to unfortunate consequences that cancel culture tries to push. So what is Cancel Culture? If you have been on twitter or any Social media apps.

Cancel culture call out culture is a modern form of Ostracism in which a person is thrust out of the social circle mostly in a social setting like platforms in social media exist. Cancel culture as a concept feels like a labyrinth of an endless discourse of debate, must now lead an exhausting and endless attempt to cancel anyone whose opinion causes controversy or to accusations. The Idea of cancelling began as a tool for marginalized communities to get their ideas and values heard against public figures who have a lot of power and authority even after they did something wrong. In the new current form of cancel culture that power dynamic has been imbalanced. While it still does recount accountability it challenges public figures who don't answer to the media or to the press about their action. In recent years political correctness has become a larger issue to address because of what is right and what is wrong?

Cancel culture has been defined by most men and women as taken to hold others accountable for actions The most The most common responses by far centered around accountability. Some 49% of those familiar with the term said it describes actions people take to hold others accountable:Given that cancelling culture can mean different things to different people, calling out others on social media is more likely to hold people accountable, while 38% say it is more likely to punish people who don’t deserve it. But views differ sharply individually.

Cancel culture can be a good thing at the most since it takes accountability of people's action, mostly from social influencers who are in the status of power and are highly regarded as a public figure. These standards and quotas are put into the standards of reputations. Reputation is a big social influencer it can build and break you. When your reputation is ruined and tarnished it can negatively affect you. Being in the sphere of the media and the public eye there are times where we should forgive people instead of cancelling them. Not in a way where we should forgive them automatically but if they did show a willingness to change their behavior.


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