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Capitol Hill Breach Overview

It’s been a chaotic week following the events of the Capitol Hill building breach. For those who were not informed, here’s a brief summary of the events, and I’ll try to remain as neutral as possible.

On Wednesday, January 6th, hundreds of Donald Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill in the hopes to stop Joe Biden’s win in the election. These rioters were armed with riot gear, climbing the wall, and breaking into the building itself. Several flash bangs and smoke grenades were thrown by the rioters, and could be heard from inside the building. The police also used pepper spray on the protesters, and gas grenades were also deployed, but it was not confirmed whether it was by the protesters or police. An hour later rioters breached the building and locked the doors of the House and Senate. Shortly after, the House room was then evacuated, among them was Mike Pence. The Capitol Hill police drew their guns on the rioters and fired shots on a few, killing 5 people, including an Air Force veteran. A total of 52 people were arrested, several weapons confiscated, and a few improvised explosive devices were also cleared from Washington, DC.


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