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  • Ricksel Penullar

Celebrity Gossip Makes You Dumb?

Obsessed with the latest topics about celebrities? Like Kim Kardashian getting a new butt lift? Kylie getting cosmetic surgery. Or maybe when Jason Derulo punched someone because someone mistook him as Usher. Chances are you are probably not that intelligent. Well that's according to the Hungarian academics. New research showed that people obsessed with Hollywood gossip and A list celebs are not intellectually smart. New research has deemed people obsessed with Hollywood gossip and A-list celebs to be not that smart which will come to be a surprise as a blow to those who love poring over the pages of tabloid magazines and tuning into reality TV. Study published in BMC psychology late last year, asserts that “there is a direct association between celebrity worship and poorer performance on cognitive tests” measuring both literacy numeracy.

The study asked 1,763 Hungarian adults to undertake a 30-word vocabulary test and a digit symbol substitution test, before completing a celebrity “Celebrity attitude scale” questionnaire to determine their levels of interest in famous people. Participants had to answer “yes” or “No”

To a series of questions. Researchers found that high scores on the celebrity attitude scale correlated with lower performance on the two cognitive ability tests. Participants were also asked about their income, material wealth and levels of education in order to gain the most detailed picture possible.

However, the researchers were unable to determine whether celebrity obsessives perform poorly on cognitive tests because they used their brain power thinking about A-listers, or whether they were fixated on holly gossip because they were already fixated on Hollywood gossip or they were less intelligent to begin with.

Though the research does not prove that developing a powerful obsession with a favorite celebrity causes one to score lower on cognitive tests. I personally don't believe this study because there's multiple intelligence that we can garner from. There's always room to grow within us. Also Future studies should be more conducted to give out a verdict.


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