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  • Katie Huang

Climate Change Negatively Impact People with neurological disorders

Climate change, as one of the biggest problems we are facing over the world, is affecting our environment. The sea level is increasing, which causes the homes of animals to get destroyed and they can not find a place to live. Besides that, there is a lot of air pollution happening.

According to a joint editorial published by over 200 medical journals earlier this year, climate change is the greatest threat to global public health. Climate change can affect Trusted Source human health in a multitude of ways. Rising temperatures, food scarcity, air pollution, and an increase in infectious diseases are a few ways it can impact human health. A recent systematic review aimed to delineate the impact of global warming on neurological disorders. The study analyzed previous research examining the effects of ambient temperature rises on the occurrence, clinical manifestations, and mortality due to major neurological disorders.

Due to climate change, the temperature raising will cause more extreme weather events to happen. It will cause the mass displacement of the population. The study found that a rise in ambient temperature due to global warming may lead to worsened symptoms of neurological disorders and result in higher hospitalization and mortality rates.

However, there are some limitations to the study. They also noted that most of the analyzed studies that scientists conducted were in wealthier nations. The effects of climate change are likely to be disproportionately experienced by lower-income nations and disadvantaged communities, and, therefore, the results may not be representative.

Overall, climate change is a complex issue. It is an issue that relates to the whole human life. We all need to consider this as a big problem and work on this together.


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